Showed my guest around two lookouts to spy

the powder white sand and endless bliss beach

then a long beach walk but no cafes open

at three on Sunday afternoon, so simply sleepy


Discovered a swampy mangrove beside the river

someone’s left the flag, their rod and a chair

a local fisherman with daring and real flair

Waded out to a small island with fish and crabs


darting between our legs, we giggled like kids

only one boat putting past and a family of three

in sight, this is the country life that I most desire

plenty of national parks awaiting exploration


Then out to another river where I now volunteer

on the local community radio. The highway

so busy four lorries to every car ensures their

cafes are all open for business so dined


by the riverside with gulls gathering about

flying insects had been noticeably absent all day

then back to my tiny home nestled in the bush

and the swarms of thirsty mossies welcomed us!


the view from my window …
having a few internet issues so if I’m quiet for a few days please bear with me !


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