Two questionable ex-prime ministers

are championing a convicted pedophile

with no regard for the damage he’s caused

total disregard for the legal system’s verdict!


A good mate they cry, a nice bloke

making us the public gasp and choke!

This should be a time to keep silence

for by making such a public display


Leaves us to draw our own conclusions

at the least they are condoning pedophilia,

one wonders if they are members of that club?

They chose a wrong time to speak …


Excusing the most despicable crime

pleading the louses case to escape doing time!

What is it about arrogant privileged power

that accepts such blatant abuse our young


Giving us the public an insight into just

what they find acceptable …

doing their utmost to lighten his sentence

they are indeed tarred by the same brush!


Now a high court judge is facing similar charges

the deviants have abused their power and contacts 

but finally it’s all coming out …

still our media focus on them not the damage done!


John Howard and Tony Abbot are campaigning on behalf of George Pell …
sorry but we all know he will get woeful home detention
and reside in opulent luxury

hear there is a popular movement for the renaming of the roman catholic church
romans have long left now RC = Raping Children
sentence is due in a few hours …

my photo of Lismore street art by Julia Murphy, thanks Gary