Michael Jackson, Rolf Harris, Cardinal Pell

sexually penetrated vulnerable children

all used their stark power imbalance

arrogantly knowing they had total control


Pell hushed his victims when they cried

knew he would avoid detection if he lied

shamed his victims so they would hide

now in prison but only partially fried


Convicted in December he still wears the garb

and carries his Cardinal title, pope had promised

to clean up such rot but only held his first summit

last month coz the church has been called out!


The timing a joke! Pell only got six years

judge said coz of his age and health …

Were those factors considered when he stole

their innocence followed by so many obvious lies?


But many suffer cognitive dissonance unable

to believe that these men of great power,

entitled and privileged would sexually abuse

our most vulnerable whilst constantly denying it!


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