Last Frontier to Conquer

Feel like you’ve been there, done that?
Seen all the countries, cultures and attractions?
Exhausted every adrenaline rush?
Bored with the same old, same old?

Ever tried to tame your mind?
May have sharpened or broadened it you will find
with new challenges, skills and talents …
But can you stay focused with no thoughts?

Know where your reactions come from,
and why they are so quick and strong?
Why your moods get high or low?
Why emotions ebb and flow?

What really makes you tick?
Why dread ageing, death and sick?
Your career and partner how did you pick?
Know how to give your negativities the flick?

Try taming your own erratic, errant mind quick!
Find techniques that give you the tools
to deal with foolish behaviours.
Discipline desires and unhealthy habits.

Mindful of your impact on those around,
that all words and actions are sound?
Find satisfaction and contentment,
others will enjoy you, stops resentment!

Our very own mind is
the ultimate frontier to conquer!
Don’t queue for that trip to the moon,
Train your mind and get calm soon!

24.9.2006 – scored another daily prompt with same title as an ‘old’ poem!

Daily Prompt:  Conquer


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