the House of my Mind

I explore the labyrinth of rooms some with doors some without … the saloon doors are repetitive and confusing. The rooms are different sizes and shapes but this house seems to have an endless supply. All are well furnished but some have steps leading nowhere. Most have windows but a few have none. I think I see someone familiar but when I get there the room is empty.

There a long narrow steps leading up endlessly, then it’s a steep staircase of precariously piled books. A long heavy curtain hangs but there is no stage to perform. So busy exploring I don’t pause to question the puzzles but relish the mystery as more unfolds.

Seems my mind is so cavernous and complicated that there is no end of intrigue but the basement is so solidly stable from decades of self-exploration. A simple basic tiny home is all I need to cut away all this superfluous excess. Something towable and temporary just like everything else in life!

Sunday Writing Prompt #242 “The House as Self”

“Your dream house is symbolic of the Self, while the rooms inside the house relate to various aspects of the Self and to the many facets of your personality. The attic refers to the mind, while the basement represents the subconscious. “

Humble apologies to my readers .. schedule my posts and a few collided today,
must have confused my am and pm ….
so if you’re reading again maybe you will spot something you missed


  1. I can relate to the confusing saloon doors….the stairs that go nowhere…the cavernous, intrigue-inspired mind…but, my home is also secure, well-insulated against the cold, has lovely rooms the perfect size for the things/thoughts I cherish…and I make a point of being grateful for it every day. It’s one-of-a-kind…and I would’t exchange it/my mind for another 🙂

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  2. Love your photo and writing pairing!
    And comparing rooms to the different aspects of our Self and personalities is cool!
    Some days my self/mind/emotions are like a gazebo (open, free, no rooms, letting in the sun and air 🙂 ) and other days it’s like The Winchester House in San Jose, CA! (Been to this house many times. It’s wild, confusing, too many rooms and false rooms, etc.)
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  3. Wow, I loved this Kate. I totally believe in our dream messengers.
    Your story telling and analogy was fascinating as always!
    although, I reckon you should just hang out in the ‘lounge’ room. 😀

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  4. ” So busy exploring I don’t pause to question the puzzles but relish the mystery as more unfolds.” I love this line and how it leads to the end realization that all we need in the end so little…such a beautiful parallel to how go about searching and questioning throughout our lives looking for meaning only to find out more matters most is right in front of us all along if we just embraced the journey and appreciated what we already have.

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  5. The area of ​​my living space is limited, I live on 40 m2.
    That’s why I’ve always dreamed of a big house, where there are a few rooms and two bathrooms. Dreams like that, everyone has them.
    Best wishes

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