Sailing was a carefree lifestyle and Byron made it easier with so many wandering about nobody really noticed our comings and goings. Loading out at sea was less likely to attract attention but our insurance was definitely the false floor to hide our stash.

As brothers secrecy was a sure bet and people were used to seeing us sailing. Our girlfriends had no idea, they were just grateful for an occasional sleep in.

“Tomorrow at low tide?”

“Sure, but that’s twice this week. Are we pushing our luck?”

“Nay, nobodies got a clue and it’s just too easy … think of the dosh”

So off we sailed at 4.45am, the receding tide carried us out faster.

We loaded quickly and quietly and just as we were about to pull out sirens erupted from nowhere … confused, distressed there was nowhere to hide. How could this happen, what was going down?

They boarded with automatic weapons pointing at us, “we have a search warrant”.

Struth it must have been one of the crew coz nobody else knew. The false floor did take them a while to find but they knew what they were looking for.

Our sun dimmed as hope ebbed.