You will never know how hot those coals felt as they shoved my face into the remains of their fire. My fault they said as I’d sneaked up to watch sacred men’s business. But those scars repel anyone who sees my face, they wont look me in the eyes.

The Salvos took my kids … a handsome baby boy and then twins. Claimed I couldn’t look after them. I’m used to being pushed around and told what to do, they think I don’t have a brain.

My eldest now sixteen ran away … the good Christian family they gave him to, well that man kept raping him. Now he thinks he’s gay so he ran away to make porn. He’s a real handsome boy but he turned away and vomited when he saw my face. He doesn’t know his people, country or culture, how is that Christian?

Now I’m praying that my twins will come and find me too. Hope they had better parents than he did.

Written for:

International Women’s Day … please pay respect to all the women in your life