March Madness #haibun

Much-needed rain has bred swarms of mosquitos in this March madness. The size of sparrows and more vicious than a flock of gulls fighting over a chip!

The few deciduous trees are changing colour as autumn approaches. Disorientated by cloud cover with sunny bursts, I’m grateful for the reprieve. Yet find myself an indoor captive from fear of being airlifted by the bloodsuckers.

Mosquitos draw blood

from any exposed flesh for

they are survivors

Merril is hosting Haibun, a new style again for me, over on d’Verse

another of my photos of Broadwater Beach


  1. Wonderful Haibun and photo pairing, Kate! 🙂 Oh and AW 😦 on the mosquitoes!

    “airlifted by the bloodsuckers”….I snorted! 😀 I know, not funny, but how you said it IS funny! 😀 The only bloodsuckers I have to be concerned about is my people-group: Vampires! 😉

    Hope those pesky mosquitoes take a vacation to Antarctica soon! 😉

    Stay safe, cool, bite-free, and happy!!!
    HUGS but no biting!!! 🙂
    PS…Thank you for teaching me about another poem-form!

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    • Just had a nice long beach walk with no insects present although a lot of blue bottles.
      After my session on the local community radio talking about amazing women 🙂
      ooh just learning about these forms myself Carolyn … decided I needed to expand my repertoire!

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  2. Our biting bugs haven’t quite hatched yet for our spring. Though I thought I saw some Midges (small flies) that like to go for your eyes on my window screens. I’ve heard of some Old Wives tales about keeping mosquitoes at bay. Those bugs like sweet blood. So eat acidic things. Though if they are as big as you say… I’d be wary of venturing out too. Hope you can make it out soon. 🙂

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  3. I love your description of the mosquitoes. They are sometimes quite bad around here in the summer when it’s hot and humid, but I haven’t seen any the size of sparrows ! 🙂 I’m the person who always gets bitten, too.
    I am not a haibun expert, and there seems to be a great deal of variation on “the rules.” This seems well-done to me–spare prose followed by a haiku (and people argue over that form, too). I like the touch of humor.

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  4. Hehehe. I love your description of the mozzies. They sure seem that big. Midgies would be bad at the beach too. I think their bites stings more. 😦
    Your haibun is very effective. Well done.

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  5. Nice post! I loved the “they are survivors” description of mosquitoes. I hadn’t thought of them that way before.

    My mother, when she wanted to praise someone quite highly would call them a “survivor”.

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