Ignoring your passions can make you feel blue
to yourself and your values you need to be true
Destructive emotions damage our charm
there are so many ways that we cause ourselves harm

Lets list just a few:

Smoking, intoxicants, sniffing glue,
Excess of anything and harmful words too!
So hurtful to others that they avoid you,
apologise now and start anew!
So deep in debt all your bills are overdue
banks and businesses lined up to sue?

Do anger and jealousy cloud your charm!
Do you have healthy ways to keep your calm?

What is your personal balm?
Horse riding on a scenic farm
Read the tarot or your palm
Sit quietly contemplating a psalm

Everyday we can refresh our outlook, our view
remake ourselves with healthy habits and feel new
foster supports, revisiting goals might be due
Recognising our inner resilience is a worthy clue

Then our light shines out and we can charm!
Do you have healthy ways to keep your calm?

This is dedicated to all those bloggers who have so courageously shared their self-harm complications … wish I had a cure!