really love to sit upon my seat

and contemplate my mind

taming my emotions is a treat

never know what I could find


contemplate my state of mind

breathe naturally and let love seep

dig deep to see what I can find

busy thoughts are bound to creep


breathe naturally so love can seep

focus on my breath to calm

busy thoughts wanting to creep

still my busyness that can harm


focus on my breath does calm

taming erratic emotions is a treat

still all busyness that might harm

really love just sitting on my seat!


Gina is hosting Poetry Form – Pantoum at dVerse. Prompt is open for 4 weeks. Rework an old poem or write a new one. Submit your entries for our poetry form anthology. Details in link.

Keep to the basics of alternating rhymed lines and no meter, interlocking couplets, 4 stanzas that circle around a memory.