Two little girls, seven and nine
their own father authorities did find
bedded them twice weekly,
their mother won’t mind?

Boy fifteen shot himself.
sister fourteen slashed up her arms.
seven year old brother cried with real qualms
“I don’t want to grow up, I’ll have to kill myself!”

A thirteen year old her baby authorities find
born from her father, her mother unkind.
Court gave him six months on a holiday farm
came back to claim her child and cause more harm!

Adoptive father had used the handsome young lad
now he’s a porn star with many a fan.
No chance to explore ‘sexuality’ in his own way
very rich family who had total say …

A young runaway, hurt and confused
her father had sexually abused
both parents made a big fuss
media, officials who could she trust?

A young psychopath by the corner store lurked
neighbouring households all warned
still disbelieving parents shirked.
More children violated and scorned.

Thirteen year old, pretty and neat
with a steel-buckled belt her father did beat.
Cops were his mates
so that sealed her harsh fate.

Dad was a sailor
acted like the three year olds gaoler.
No games, no mess,
always rigid to be his absolute best.

Mother very slow of mind,
eight year old daughter sharp and kind
Mother’s boyfriends abused daughter,
she like a lamb to the slaughter.

What happens in families is cruel and sad,
for happy childhood’s be ever so glad.

Anger and hate harms only us.
Forgiveness the remedy for our inner cuss!

How do we break such a sick cycle,
Keep precious ones safe?
Blow the whole secret loud and wide
Hold offenders responsible, don’t let it slide!

Creative Commons: Violence