Confess Now

Confession is good for the soul
We feel cleansed, squeaky clean
for any misdeeds or mistakes leave a feeling of dis ease
We know that we have fallen short of our personal best

We don’t necessarily have to confess to another
but could be to our mother or brother
Please confess to one you trust
mentally is fine, before you rust

Coz rust and discomfort follow
when we know we have upset others
for whenever our moral compass
waivers we need to step up and correct

For every little deed leaves an imprint on our psyche
and to personally grow, expand our good heart
we need to be very ethical for a start
Confession reminds us of what we need to abandon

image is from the net, I confess I just couldn’t resist it …  Confess


  1. For you, “Confession reminds us of what we need to abandon,” but for an ex-Catholic like me, going to Confession reminds me of what I need to forget. Even after years of being an “ex,” I almost feel as if I’ll be given a penance of mumbling five OUR FATHERs and five HAIL MARYs for saying that. 😦

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    • yes their indoctrination program is very installed/ embedded!
      I had a friend who was a compulsive shoplifter. Priest asked how much she’d stolen she said about $620 worth. He told her to put that amount in the plate and do 3 each of the above.
      She stopped attending church that day … the $620 was only one days worth of lifting! She lifted more than a thousands worth most weekends as she was a cute young blonde and nobody ever pulled her up. Most of it was trash she would never use anyway …
      so these pretenders never met anyone’s needs …

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  2. “You first”…*snort* 😀
    I must confess this is a wonderful, encouraging poem on an important topic!
    To me confession is like sweeping away the dirt, crumbs, and cobwebs and then feeling cleaner, brighter, and stronger afterwards. 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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    • yes somehow saying it aloud is really cleansing, one develops deep regret upon acknowledgement and the resolution to improve … how else can we learn and grow from our mistakes?

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