our harmful emotions and unhealthy habits are not ingrained

but they can’t just disappear of their own accord

no matter how often we resolve not to do them again

it takes persistent awareness to eliminate them

we need to focus more on their antidote or opposite

if anger arises too quickly we need to learn patience

if greedy beyond our needs we need to practice generosity

when our behaviour gets out of control, watch the triggers

they can be dimmed and eventually vanish if we apply ourselves

DP: Disappear


  1. My unhealthy habits are the ones that I celebrate ….

    But I do love pelicans. I wonder why? Perhaps it is the shameless greed that they display whilst cruising past the fish and chips shop. And yet they still manage a certain elegance … refusing to lower themselves to the level of squabbling seagulls.

    Have you visited Innes’s boat shed in Batemans Bay? Plenty of hungry pelicans there. And big rays as well, that glide in like prehistoric spacecraft to devour the scraps …

    Liked by 1 person

    • no don’t know BB much at all, too far south for me …
      yes you would fit right in with Storm Boy, lurking hungry with feigned reserve 🙂


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