cozy you are

Are you cozy and comfortable in your own skin
enjoy your solitude with no need to be a super star?
Know what triggers your reactions,
able to moderate them with a more skilful response

Knowing ourselves helps us to understand others
as we become more aware our horizons expand
we look for the positives and abandon all harm
embrace diversity to become more inclusive

So get to know yourself now
become cozy with who you are
It enables you to grow
enhances our inner glow



  1. You get something so hard to sound so simple,. You make me reflect and you give me a new perspective on life and not least myself, I will use these words every day.โค๏ธ Thank you so much๐Ÿฆ‹

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    • ouch you are having a scorcher … we are having showers on and off here with bursts of sun between but the only extreme would be the mozzies … they are the size of sparrows and more vicious than a flock of gulls fighting for your chip … real blood suckers!


  2. To quote a line from Leonard Cohen’s song , One Of Us Cannot Be Wrong
    “I lit a thin green candle
    To make you jealous of me
    But the room just filled up with mosquitos
    They heard my body free”………..

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