Moral Compass

We all feel safe and comfortable with those whose moral compass is on track
but once that needle waivers from true north, distance is often sought

Ethical people attract and support,
unethical ones leave us fraught

So please think twice before you lie or steal
coz then others sense you are not the real deal!

image from the net –  Compass

the Catholic hierarchy have lost theirs decades ago!


    • psychopaths are incapable of having a moral compass …
      guessing he was only chatting to NK to set up his own tower there and you suckers paid for his business chat … may have even been bargaining a higher rate for any black market gear he supplies … honestly he is killing off your country quicker than an invasion of agro martians!

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  1. There are individuals who have committed terrible acts of abuse in many organizations – religious, commercial, sporting clubs, brownies/scouts, within hospitals and care homes. It’s all very disturbing.
    Naturally those who have been in a position where others regarded them as having a righteous standing, as bastions of morality and virtue, – well it is especially a shock when it is revealed that they have accepted the reverence of others while hiding terrible secrets.

    Hypocrisy like that is just obscene.

    I guess one of the biggest questions that has faced all organisations is how to deal with accusations of abuse. Here in England there have been a lot of cases of abuse young boys in soccer clubs experienced over the past few decades. It seemed some clubs received complaints but just did not believe them. Some have been very slow to deal with it, doubting those who were making the allegations, sweeping it under the carpet. Then the puzzlement as to why victims have not gone straight to the police. I hate all forms of abuse, but it is sometimes seems complex for organisations and even the authorities to deal with.

    Although it is an individual who commits these terrible acts, the way an organisation deals with the situation sends out a loud message to others.

    Oh for an end to all forms of abuse!

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    • Frankly all these organisations need to make it policy to investigate all such reports, if proven that person should be sacked …

      our legal system seldom = justice so I get why people use them as a last resort.

      I personally have heard one leader say that all such offences should published in the newspaper headlines. Made very public as fair warning to others eg name and shame! Then if we see too many coaches or clerics named the institution itself should be investigated as to why they haven’t done something more practical to stop the abuse.

      It’s the silence and lack of action that causes even more grief and pain …

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      • And all children being trained to deal with people who take advantage of them.

        My parents trained us – literally – they made sure that from a very young age we would recognize someone who was suggesting something inappropriate and they trained us to react to that decisively. I was a very little girl when at a children’s party I had gone upstairs with one of the kid’s there. A man who was there told us all off and said we should not be upstairs, the party was downstairs. The others ran away and I (because I was always too quick to make an excuse for myself) said I was there to use the bathroom. When I came out he told me he would not tell anyone I had come upstairs and he would keep it a secret so I would not get in any trouble. He asked me if I wanted to play upstairs a bit longer….

        …anyway, he had already used one of the words my parents told me to beware of. They said that if an adult asked me to keep a secret it it was usually a bad thing.

        I shouted at him and ran downstairs and told my friends mum that a group of us had gone upstairs and there was a man telling me he would keep it a secret but I did not want to share any secrets with him. I said I don’t share secrets with adults.

        Every child should be taught (in a way that won’t terrify them) and trained to deal with those who might take advantage of them.

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        • agreed, we did start training kids about not allowing anyone, especially family members to touch their private parts … and they knew their swimmers covered their private parts.
          Not keeping secrets is a huge key .. your parents were well ahead of their time! My parents never believed anything I told them until a neighbour suicided and then they realised I’d told the truth about the dirty old neighbour. I’d kept myself safe but he’d gone on to interfere with the twins next door.

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          • My mum had a terrible experience with a man when she did some baby-sitting as a teenager. She told her parents and they thought she was lying. Years after my mum had left home, the man was prosecuted for acts against underage girls.

            I think it’s vital for people to accept the reality that there are some very sick people in this world, and children must be equipped and forearmed.

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            • but in my professional experience the harm was more likely to come from a close family member or friend, stranger danger is more rare.
              And all children do need to equipped and adults need to listen, young children can’t make up such lies.

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