How to LIVE

Attitude is Everything

Bliss comes from Within

Challenge the status quo

Don’t lose your Curiosity

Eat dessert First

Forgive and let Go

Get off the Coach

Help Others

Initiate Possibilities

Just be Yourself

Kindle your Passions

Live, Love and Laugh

Make your own Luck

No rain, no Rainbow

Open New doors

Playfulness Heals

Quit Worrying

Reach for the Stars

Savour each Moment

There are no Guarantees

Use your Intuition

Voice your Truth

Walk with a Smile

Xpect the Best

You only Live once

Zest to live in the Now


  1. I know it’s been months to be on WordPress .. but there’s not a single when I don’t go through your posts .. Kate you’re really superb .. I really really feel positive and a little bit happier when I read your posts .. it signals me and say to my ears .. that you still have time to make everything work ! Missed you a lot ! ☺️

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