Pell the Pedophile

Pell the Pedo
penetrated young choir boys
then more at the swimming pool
using his authority in the church

No wonder he covered for other pedos
dirty abuse when he was already guilty
he shunted them around when accused
so more youngster were grossly abused

No shame, shifted blame
yet they still hold titles
a pope who claimed he’d
clean up the trash

Did nothing until called out
only concerned for their image
no care for the victims
whose lives were destroyed!

Pedopilia is a curse but far worse
when an institution denies and avoids
leaving destruction in their wake
there is no kindness or responsibility

They are self-righteous entitled white men
hiding behind a hypocritical christian veneer
damning same sex preference and contraception
but doing exactly whatever they wish …

George Pell a cardinal is spending his first night in goal for ‘vanilla’ penetration,
whatever that means.

No thought for his victims as his connections rush to lodge an appeal.
No apologies or retribution where is the Justice in that!

Lock him up and throw away the key, I have witnessed the grievous harm he has caused …

he was later released on on appeal on a ‘legal technicality’
after the vatican paid a million dollars … go figure!


    • wow that is certainly a statement against the RCs .. thanks for the share!
      And if you have been abused it’s better to stay away from kids as the boundaries are weak and the inclination to abuse strong …


  1. Such an important post, Kate. Thank you.
    So true and so sad and so horrifying. 😦 And that most of those pedophiles in the Catholic church were never reported to the proper authorities. 😦 The church’s “in house” way of handling them is pathetic and criminal.
    My family has been impacted by such things here. 😦 And it never leaves you or even subsides really. It can be decades later and you still feel the abuse, pain, and shame (etc.) and it can come slamming back into you at the most unexpected moments. 😦
    Have you ever seen the movie Spotlight? It is excellent and highlights what has gone on/continues to go on in America in the Catholic church. 😦

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    • No it was on my to watch list then somehow forgot about it … I worked with their victims for too many years and it’s the cover up and avoidance by those meant to ‘protect’ that escalates and violates their slimy offences 😦

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  2. I’ve said it before ,the shepherd is supposed to care for the flock not abuse the lambs. Hopefully, there will be zero tolerance going forward, no more cover ups and criminal justice will prevail. The institutional oversight of the Catholic Church needs a major overhaul. I hear you Kate, it comes through loud and clear.

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    • I worked with the survivors of clerical abuse for too many years Len and this really touches me deeply … knew this creep was guilty of protecting other pedo’s in his church but had no idea it was because he was also one!


  3. Oh Kate i was just told that another person in religious authority molested a 4 year old girl back home..and this is like what Sadje said not an isolated case..and yet why is this happening over and over again?…

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    • because it’s never been called out, the clergy have never had to face prosecution as their churches ‘protect’ them … this is what is SO wrong!
      Sanctimonious hypocrites each and every one of them 😦

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    • he was convicted ten weeks ago but taken this long to become public and goal him … knew he was guilty of protecting other pedophiles but he has been pope’s right hand man even though he must have known all this … speaks volumes!

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