in the Loop?

Life runs smoother when we are kept in the loop
informed about happenings within our family or workplace
such crucial communication allows us to listen and support
for these are necessary for stability and personal growth

If out of the loop due to travel or feuds
then this mutual nurturing falls short
such gaps can widen and create drifts
communication is vital as it informs and lifts

Daily Prompt:  Loop


  1. Sometimes no matter how much we try to reach out and make our own family understand us…it still ends up in a messy fight or confrontation…because at some point when you dont speak on the same level and when you are not on the same wavelength and no matter how much you try to go down and meet them halfway, they will.never understand..because for most of us especially from where i am it is a struggle to be independent minded, intelligent and smart. People there wants us to agree to what they want you to agree upon even if that belief doesnt hold true to these days anymore..

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  2. yes i agree and support open and honest communication. so often i am left making assumptions if i am not in the loop. some may consider it nosy but it is as you pointed out a continuum of care, we can’t help if we don’t know what’s going on, or give support. when there’s too long a lapse in communication it can seem hard to talk again, relationships wither this way, someone has to make the first move if we think its a relationship worth reviving and beneficial to us. i really appreciated this Kate, sorry if I went on a bit!

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  3. Kate, I agree that communication is vital to success in the workplace as well as at home. I sometimes have thought . . . do you think that I have a crystal ball and can see everything when I am actually being left in the dark?

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  4. Loss of communication creates lots of misunderstandings, but sometimes we are not able to communicate our whereabouts to the family. They do worry, but if they have faith, then they will probably stay calm until further communication

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