Caught in our expectations of how things should be;
relationships, bosses and the world according to our beliefs.

Living in a fantasy of how we wish things to be
with vague connection to reality!

When things don’t go according to our desire
we dig in wishing the impossible will transpire.

Letting go or going with the flow may feel like failure
with our need to control things, mould them to our will

Yet everything is interdependent and choices arise
its up to us to listen, learn, grow and compromise!

Get disappointed when expectations aren’t met?
let go, relax, dissolve and I bet

That life will become easier
relationships so much breezier

So weigh up the cons and pros
before allowing to things to get up your nose.

Relinquish all expectations and fears,
nurture kind care to avoid those emotional tears.

  Expectation + Word of the Day