Notorious Villains

We use the word ‘notorious’ in terms of infamy
Well known for all the wrong reasons
Ned Kelly was a notorious bushranger
Skase and Palmer are notorious fraudsters

Have no wish to be either notorious or famous
Being ‘different’ but ordinary is fine by me!
Each country and era have their villains
Then we tend to glorify them when they’ve gone

Guess when the pain they’ve caused has eased
the next generation forgets they were diseased!
They make for big headlines and movies
as we have a weird fascination with villains

Daily Prompt:  Notorious


    • a couple of greedy entrepreneurs who ripped off the general public, faked illness to avoid court and live the high life overseas on their ill gotten funds .. later is just going thru court motions now. Left hundreds unemployed and owed massive in back wages … real villains!
      karma will get them in the end

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  1. Just stopped by with some HUGS!!!
    But, now after rereading this, I’m thinking about the Old West guys…like Butch Cassidy…the people didn’t mind his notoriousness because he had a reputation for giving some of the money he stole (stealed?) to poor people. They saw him as a hero.
    I like being different, but ordinary, too. I have no lofty dreams of being infamous or notorious:-)
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  2. selective memory, colourful takes, adding salt and pepper, history is rich with all this. you tell the tale well Kate, we do reinvent what we “feeel” had happened.

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  3. So true about our fascination with villains, often they are the ones who are more known than the virtuous ones. The line that leaped out at me is –
    Being ‘different’ but ordinary is fine by me! – It is a powerful and important reminder.

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