Gender neutral?

No, uh huh, not me,

Cuz I found out

Woman is extraordinary.

Even if ruling the world

Was intended for a he,

Man would sit on a

Throne of ruins without a she.


The world may try to

Throw us under the bus,

But the truth of the matter is:

Men, you need us.

Who is the one strengthening you

When you get weak and full of doubt?

The one holding it all down

Every time you screw up and strike out?

For centuries men strove to reduce us

To our cooking, sex, and a dress,

But who does a mighty man run to

When he is broken and distressed?


Just so you know

Not waging no war on any man.

This merely a mantra on where I stand.

I vow to defend

What makes me precious and unique.


via I am Woman — D.L. Lunsford’s Flight of the Butterfly

I choose this profoundly proud reblog about womanhood to be my 900th post!