the soothing calm of the bush

occasional bird calls

a few cicadas

the gentle thrum of the solar


quiet and peace

good will

kind-hearted people

and a change so needed


the calmness embraces

wiping out traces

of hostility and noise

relax chill out


let things unfold

this is home for now

got so much done

in just twenty four hours


took months of agony

last time …

moving my entire home

is so much easier


just packed two boxes of breakables

and sealed them in a cupboard

a nice young couple

early forties who’ve had it tough


it’s opened their heart

and this feels like home

just diesel the dog

and a few chooks


not camped on a huge ants nest

or the chooks dust baths

no piles of poo

or nosey spectators


the rain has come

our drought maybe breaking

the timing so auspicious

moved half an hour south


to another council area

near a river and fifteen minutes

from the sea

watched an eagle gliding on the drafts


curtains have come down

my privacy is respected

can use their freezer and their net

but feel I want to retreat a while


enjoy the silent bush

sort my home

enjoy my surroundings

and contemplate …


I have come home!


PS am so far behind in my reading … apologies, patience please?