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Those past two weeks have been very challenging for our daughter as she tries to cope with her anxiety but she refuses to give in and her resilience is remarkable.  She has been pressing political representatives and support organisations for many months to try and access the support of a Psychiatric Service Dog. Sadly in Ireland this support is unheard of.  While there are guide dogs for the blind and companion dogs for autism, access to Psychiatric Support Dogs does not exist.  To understand the whole area of Psychiatric Support Dogs, Emma has been busy educating and informing herself via books, online sites and Youtube and has decided to go it solo for the moment., […]

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  1. Yes, such a positive venture. In the 1980s some hospitals encouraged limited access pets for heart patients as it was proven that pets encourage recovery. And nursing homes did for mental health, some schools do it for the same reason, much needed. I often wonder what might happen if we had animals on public transport.

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  2. My cats take care of me and themselves. They’ll trick me sometimes by pretending I haven’t fed them. This happens because I get up several times in the night, and if it’s 4am or past, I will go ahead and feed them. Then I wake up again, and they want fed again. They’re both little butterballs, and I wouldn’t trade them for the world. They’re considered therapeutic. I think it would help Emma. Animals are more human than humans sometimes.

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  3. My very best to Emma!
    I know a lady who has what we call a support or service dog and it is because she is Bipolar and has some physical illnesses as well. Her doggie is such a help to her…calming her, making her feel safe, making her feel needed, good companion/company, and so much more.
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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      • You are so kind Kate, you can’t begin to realise how much you are cheering Emma up and encouraging her. She told me she has 6 posts on her Instagram and is thrilled to have 25 followers! Hugs. Xx

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          • In two and a half years I have not experienced one negative or hurtful comment, just a wave of warmth and encouragement that continues to grow in size and strength daily. I acknowledge and express my gratitude to the universe and my creator constantly. I feel very blessed that we have travelled the road of bullying and have all learned so much. Xx

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              • Thank you Kate and we are equally blessed to have found a platform on which to share our journey and to find caring support! Our upsets will be worth it, if we can ensure that even one other family get the support they need and do not meet closed doors and end up silenced, frustrated searching for answers and with long term and on-going emotional, mental, psychological and financial consequences. Le grà, Marie Xx

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