Shark Survivor

Today was super busy preparing for my relocation. Bureaucratic details, big items purchased and best of all my volunteer work!

We had a picnic by the beach at Broken Head and just before lunch I took a few of the Elders for a paddle along the beach. Returning to join the others we met a most interesting man, a chef from my favourite café.

He had survived a shark attack where it had bitten a chunk out of the left side of his torso. Starting from his shoulder then leaving a tooth in his buttock. He wanted to know more about my cancer journey [double mastectomy is obvious], so thoughtful. And he had a habit of punctuating the conversation with “happy life” . He was just returning from his surf, so it didn’t deter him off! But he did add that he ensures ‘flake’ is always on his menu … ‘flake’ is our term for shark steak. [Several pounds of flesh for several pounds of flesh …]

Then he added an invite to his café and we joyfully told him that we had had our Christmas function there. But when I return I will make a point of connecting with him again.


  1. this is the first i have read about your personal battle, you are brave Kate, i could feel it but never knew this brave. i hope you get to connect with this chef again, he sounds fun and interesting.

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  2. Your stark title caught my eye, what an amazing story (!) and your story as well (hello, fellow cancer survivor!), I missed reading about your relocation, I hope it’s quieter for you and just as beautiful…

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  3. Both your perspectives are more about happy life in a real way, those I know who have faced the possibility of death never give up on life or others. Inspiring piece Kate. ❤️

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  4. Some scars are more visible. Some not so obvious.
    Lovely looking beach. Are the sharks always about or are they seasonal.
    When I was in Maui many years ago the sharks were ‘seasonal’ but also respected.

    Connections are always good 🙂

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    • No sharks are in our oceans all year round and we do have spotter planes up … have heard them sound sirens and the surfers didn’t budge … if you play in the ocean you know the risk!

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  5. I wonder what the sharks call human flesh. Another one had a taste down your way today.
    I hope both you and the chef have happy lives and that your relocation goes/went well.

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    • yes that’s what started the conversation … seems three other local attacks survivors were all teachers … he is the exception being a chef! Interesting correlation. so please be careful
      Wednesday thanks Norah … happy life to you also 🙂

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