Today was super busy preparing for my relocation. Bureaucratic details, big items purchased and best of all my volunteer work!

We had a picnic by the beach at Broken Head and just before lunch I took a few of the Elders for a paddle along the beach. Returning to join the others we met a most interesting man, a chef from my favourite café.

He had survived a shark attack where it had bitten a chunk out of the left side of his torso. Starting from his shoulder then leaving a tooth in his buttock. He wanted to know more about my cancer journey [double mastectomy is obvious], so thoughtful. And he had a habit of punctuating the conversation with “happy life” . He was just returning from his surf, so it didn’t deter him off! But he did add that he ensures ‘flake’ is always on his menu … ‘flake’ is our term for shark steak. [Several pounds of flesh for several pounds of flesh …]

Then he added an invite to his café and we joyfully told him that we had had our Christmas function there. But when I return I will make a point of connecting with him again.