On the road all day a few hours to kill

walked along the beach and up the hill

filming a famous local footballer

saunter past thinking slim and taller


Now in the library hoping for wifi

but it shut down, has gone bye bye

everyone inconvenienced, some irate

then suddenly like magic we connect


Relief as we engage with our devices

important not vital why compromise

nothing is urgent or life threatening

yet they are always calling, beckoning


Elite footy player highlights his brain damage

too many with tumours needing treatment

contact sports can give life long injuries

such as epilepsy or numbed their nerves


Blogging, golf, chess, swimming or tennis

exercise our body and mind without harm

for we need to stay fit and healthy,

not fighting for our lives …


Progress report, but no questions please – today I booked the tow truck for next Wednesday but this is about my seventh choice … you have no idea but once I’ve settled I will try to give you a summary, thanks for all your kind care and concern