Beware Words can Harm — by Kamal

Once upon a time, an old man spread rumors that his neighbor was a thief. As a result, the young man was arrested and put behind bars for no fault of his own. After a long time, the poor man was proven innocent. After being released, he sued the old man for wrongly accusing him.  In the court, the old man told the judge very casually as if nothing untoward had happened, ‘They were just random comments, they did not harm anyone.’

The judge, before passing sentence on the case, told the old man, ‘write all the bad things you said about him on a piece of paper. Cut it up into little pieces and on the way home, throw the pieces of paper out of your car window. Tomorrow, you come back to hear the sentence.’  The next day, the judge told the old man, ‘Before receiving the sentence, I want you to go out and gather up all the pieces of paper that you threw out of your car window yesterday.’

The old man said, ‘I cannot do that. The wind spread them all over the place and I will not know where to find them.’ Then the judge replied, ‘The same way, simple words and comments said in fun, may destroy the honor of a person to such an extent that a person will not be able to fix it. For the rest of his life he will be suffering for your actions.  […]

via Do Not Be Slave of Your Words……….. — Boundless Blessings by Kamal


  1. Such a strong life lesson. Words cut the deepest and can’t be taken back. This lack of compassion in people often leads to saying hurtful things to each other without knowing the repercussion.

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  2. Well said Kate… People often do that and on their perspective it will not create a major impact until the outcome is disaster by then it become too late to realize the damage done…

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  3. In my daughter’s case, as in my last Bullying & Beyond post, I think it is not so much the pieces of paper that scattered away, that have left the largest scar but it’s the fragments that repeatedly twisted their way, despite her amazing resilience, into her psyche and are part of her ongoing and current struggle with panic attacks, and anxiety. Insightful post Kamal and thank you for sharing Kate. Le grà, Marie xx

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            • Engaging in conversation is a good starting point Kate. I am not able to rush it as I am trying to listen to my own body and respect that. I have added workload of ailing mother in hospital and I have to find the right words to share my next Bullying & Beyond post Painting the Pain 2, to respect my son and to respect the emotions it evokes for me and my readers. But I trust it will be the conversation it is meant to be for the people who need it. Thanks Kate for your constant company! Marie Xx

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              • take a deep breath and chill … no rush with the post, family comes first plus your own health. Yes your posts are touching/triggering others but they need these conversations too. Your have the skills and kindness to do that well Marie 🙂

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              • I’ll take that, thank you Kate! I am happy if I am kind and skilled! I’m trusting the universe, believing the process, it is organic and I will be ready when the time is right! Can’t thank you enough Kate. Xx

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  4. Interesting… I think that a strong and confident person wouldn’t let the words mean anything personal, be a victim of the ego. I’ve found that some of the cruelest people are hurting the most. Sometimes, you have to let them continue and not get involved because a person isn’t ready to open their eyes. I like Puffing Angie’s line, “And if you don’t get it, I’ll leave it up to karma.” I try to tell myself these things.

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    • you’re right about face to face words but this is about slander, talking about you to others behind your back to the point where the guy got locked up when people believed the lies.


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