Do you meddle with other’s lives
find you just can’t resist
in treating people unwisely

Do you need to control or manipulate
always got to have your own way
never letting others just be

It is a warning sign of abuse
people need to be very wary
for meddling is indeed scary

Eventually we suffer consequences
of all our attitudes and offences
So quit meddling especially with minds

Daily Prompt:  Meddle


  1. I can’t control my ownself 😛 so I don’t try to control other people. 🙂

    And I steer clear of people who like to meddle, manipulate, control, and play mind games. 😦

    Now, if people are bullying or hurting others, I will speak up.

    Great poem, Kate!
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  2. Yes. Don’t meddle. It’s tempting, but what a mess if you do and so destructive. I wonder what it is that draws us to meddle? If what others are doing has no real bearing on how I live and breathe, why interfere?

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  3. The thing I learned about the hard-core meddlers in my life was that they always wanted you to fail at whatever you were doing…especially when you were doing a good job! My greatest weapon against those people was patience and time. It always proved them wrong.

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  4. Now there’s a good strong message! People who feel the need to meddle in other people’s affairs have personal issues and choose this meddling to avoid their own issues. Those meaning harm are cowards. Those who are lonely and dissatisfied with life use this meddling to “fill in time.” Regardless, meddling is a nuisance.

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