In order to lessen my carbon footprint
and because I really love trees
I recycle paper, stamps and envelopes

Print out on the blank side of letters
make pictures from my stamps
write list on the envelopes

What are you doing to recycle
paper, clothes or anything

Reuse or give to charity
cause binning is a sin

Daily Prompt:   Paper


  1. love this! we do a lot of recycling, tearing off labels, using newspaper to compost, also reducing the things we print and always switching to e invoices, bills etc. also put a sign for no flyers in our mailbox. lost we can do when we sit and think it through.

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  2. I recently was listening to a podcast and learned of a new place that takes unusual items and recycles them into new items like pencil cases for kids or schools in need. I can’t remember the name off the top of my head, but I plan to look it up and learn more. 😊❤️

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  3. For Uzair’s school entry test preparation, I’m writing down exercises on notebooks I have bought, instead of creating multi-page documents and getting them printed up on new paper.

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  4. I like the point you make. A lot of folks think that recycling is what it’s all about, and it is, but first we should re-use an item until it has no use left in it, or find someone else who will. Only then is it time to mash it up. That way we curb over production

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  5. Wow! Lovely writeup….minimising the usange of notebooks for roughwork…students need a lot of paper for rough works….what I do is using the same paper three times….working with pencil for the first time, then with a pen and finally with a sketchpen…my friends call me crazy at times…but believe me…it saves a lot of paper😄

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  6. Great job, Kate! And great ideas! I try to do my part, but know I could do more! I’ve always recycled. And I donate items and clothes to thrift stores that raise money for charity (like a battered women’s shelter).
    We’ve had some free yard sales in my neighborhood and invite single moms and struggling families to come and get some clothes, household items, etc. for free. They really appreciate it.
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  7. When my printer broke, I did not buy another. Now, if I really need a paper copy, I go to the library and pay 10 cents a copy – but usually find I don’t need a copy after all.

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  8. We do waste segregation at home..this helps us reuse and recycle things that are of value..

    My girls also used both sides of the paper when.printing school requirements.
    I nevet throw envelopes from banks and other similar stuff…i use them again to send out my own mail too..

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  9. Send me stamps. I collect them 😁 I don’t post anything so I don’t use envelopes. Minimal usage of paper. 😁

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