Know yourself well
All your strengths and weaknesses
Reflect on your achievements
Mind what you say and do
As what goes down comes back to you!

Keen enthusiastic effort
Avoids making more mistakes
Respect and truth good discipline
Much benefit radiates out there
All improves if we really care!

Knowledge and wisdom grow
As harm and greed recede
Reality replaces crazed confusion
Mind tamed and thoughts subside
Alert mindfulness so calm will abide!

a triple acrostic – written a day before this prompt


  1. I enjoyed this short work of art. It’s true. I’ve been bitten by karma several times. I like pain, apparently. I was listening to PuffinAngie’s music and picked up the line, “And if you don’t get it, I’ll leave it up to karma.” I just thought it was so wise. We can’t boss everyone around. No, I’m not into drugs. I ignore most of her lyrics. She’s a great emotional artist.

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  2. Excellent!
    When a mind and/or heart is filled with confusion, greed, harm, etc., it doesn’t have room for wisdom, knowledge, discipline, etc! We must houseclean out the negatives and let the positives come in to live!
    HUGS!!! πŸ™‚

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