Friday Foto Fun – Texture

I so enjoy the tactile touch or texture of things …

Please share your version of ‘texture’ either 
through your lens
or in your own words? 

Post a photo or get creative about texture … try some humour!

A fruit tree from the orchard.

Come on the more the merrier, please share and read each others posts!

Please complete before next Friday using a pingback to link your post.
Not sure how to do that then see how to create pingbacks here.


  1. What a beautiful texture-y photo! Nature creates some other-worldly-things that are sometimes tiny and we have to slow down and be aware to enjoy them! 🙂
    The more of our senses we can get involved…the more we learn! I am very “touchy-feely”…just have to touch most things. 🙂 Textures invite us to explore the world! Just one example: I love running my fingers over silky fabrics…the smoothness and coolness represents peace to me. 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  2. I like the texture of my cats’ scratch post. I do not enjoy all the little bits of rope that go everywhere, however. As far as the fruit tree goes, I’d say the pear makes all the difference. Find good friends.

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  3. touch is so important, it is one of the 5 love languages. i love the feel of orange skin o my finger tips as I peel mine back for breakfast. like touching sunshine.

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