I spied the lava tube protruding and knew that it could be an entry into a vast underground network. Lava flowed rapidly and burnt near perfect tunnels that made a network well worth exploring.


Told some mates who planned a visit in a few weeks to explore the discovery futher. Excited adventurers aware that we needed the team to explore this new frontier. We had different skill sets and all the climbing gear to get down the four story drops or keep track as we tried different crawls.

We climbed in and it wasn’t so deep but the tunnel seemed to wind endlessly. Six hours later we realised that it could go on for many kilometres. What a discovery but there were loads of tiny off shoots that usually led to dead ends.

Realising that it would be dark by the time we surfaced we headed back when we happened upon another dead end … but this one was different. There was the usual bat dung pile and a few grasshoppers as you might expect.

But this one was piled high with crates, what a find! We had nothing to pry the crates open with. So we tied one with the harness around it to tow it back up to the surface.

Turned out it was a crate of moonshine, we had discovered a smugglers stash. Unsure how long it had been down there we had to settle for our usual small flasks of rum until we could have it tested.

Looked like there were plenty of reasons to return to this lava tube!