This really is the most amazing take on Earth Day, a must read for everyone!  Posted in full with Jane’s consent, thanks Jane

It’s there,
beneath plastic castles and shifting sands,
beneath mortgages and payment plans,
beneath screaming sirens and meat vans,
beneath TV dinners and broken ceiling fans,
beneath lion hearts and rodent fangs,
beneath flat denial and praying hands.

Beneath all of the hunger and greed of man,
lies the inheritance on which we stand.

It’s there, where it has always been,
silently waiting to be seen.

Beneath all that we wish to become
is the strum of life, the truth that we are one.

Beneath the feet of you and me,
are roots of possibility.
Though we may be too blind to see,
the earth still strives for harmony.

©Jane Paterson Basil

Source: Roots


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