Living on the Edge?

Some people seem to live on the edge of a precipice
where drama and ill health plague them

For me life is easier on the flat plains
where dreams and purpose can flow

Adventures abound without those false highs
which helps to avoid plummeting to the extreme lows

With no need to conform or indulge materialism
comfortable being myself with a strong disposition

Have no interest in living on that knife edge
calmness my companion, please come down from the ledge?

Daily Prompt:  Precipice


  1. I’m with you! Living on the flat plains, no drama, no emotional roller coasters, fostering peace and calm. 🙂 Even during the storms of life we can find joy and peace and hope. Maybe this ability comes with age, or life experiences… ??? I see too many young adults whose lives are in chaos. 😦
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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