Zipped #expired

A favourite moment is when I fall asleep
curled up on my side, totally relaxed
I slip deeply into silken serenity

Often I need to get up for a pee
But tonight that calm oblivion
envelopes me so completely

Surprised to find Dad and Nana
there quietly waiting it seems for me
Their presence calmly reassuring

A light grows stronger as they reach
for me and then I hear the zip sliding
and they throw me on a trolley!

It feels really cold now and I hear chatter
a coroner raises her scalpel, it’s me she’s cutting!
Seems I’m off on my next big adventure ….



  1. Ah, dream interpretations. They are indeed fantastical and many clearly open up our senses.
    Most often I can relate mine to shows I watch, news, or books I’m reading. It is interesting though when some seem to repeat themselves that have little to do with current stimuli.

    Each day may we broaden our horizons and let our minds be open to new experiences 🙂

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  2. I’m assuming that dead people can’t feel anything (at least not in the material world) therefore if “it feels really cold now”, then it’s probably an indication that you are still alive, in which case that scalpel’s about to cause you some serious problems.

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  3. OH, gosh, what a dream! I was NOT expecting that ending! I shall avoid trolleys from now on! 😉 😀
    As you know from my last blog, I have no trouble writing about, or talking about, death.
    I am content to continue this life-journey I’m on now…and I am ready for the next big adventure when it’s my time.
    HUGS!!! 🙂
    PS…That photo is precious! Those little floofy-fluffy babes following their mama! 🙂

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