Friday Foto Fun – Curiosity

The young are always curious … but remaining curious keeps us relevant,
more flexible and progressive, not stuck or fundamental!

Please share your version of ‘curiosity’ either 
through your lens
or in your own words? 

Post a photo or get creative about curiosity … try some humour!

Tuppence is curious about my guy ropes, are they edible?

This afternoon when I went out to feed the Currawongs and chooks I nearly got stampeded … the alpacas have watched their feathered friends enjoying my bread and they decided they wanted a taste.  First one to eat from my hand was Tuppences mother, then another and two more ate what I’d thrown on the ground for the birds.  They all prefer wholemeal to white bread.  Then Tuppence was trying to be brave and eat from my hand but at the last minute he bucked and bounced away like a new born lamb.  He was so funny …

Come on the more the merrier, please share and read each others posts!

Please complete before next Friday using a pingback to link your post.
Not sure how to do that then see how to create pingbacks here.


    • poor little thing is officially Ben but I’d been calling him Tuppence since he was born. I tend to give those I really like a nickname 😎


  1. That photo “screams” curiosity! 😀 😛 What a cutie! 🙂

    curiosity Haiku:

    killed the cat and i am next
    i go with a grin

    My inner-child has a never ending curiosity. I, especially, hope I never lose that curiosity to learn and understand. 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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