Communication, cooperation, collaboration, concerned care
these are just a few of the eccentual ‘c’s’ we need for any relationship!
[sorry I can spell but just wanted to insert a few more c’s into that sentence:)]

With these life, friendships, work everything becomes much easier
but without them relationships can get tied in knots, a real struggle

As human beings we need collaboration to coexist
for we are all threads of the one grand tapestry

We need to weave with each other to enable magic to happen
if we do the independent battle, isolation and misery pound us

For we are mutually interdependent in every possible way
we can’t build our own home and repair our car while growing our food

No one person is an island so we all need to collaborate
Communication is the key to sort any disharmony

We sleep better at night, feel more calm and life goes smoother
when we use these essential ingredients in our every day life

So next time hardship hits please add this mix
life will lighten and you can find your own fix

Daily Prompt:  Collaboration