Sincerity Measure

Felt some were being a tad intense, too much seriousness, so here is my attempt to make you laugh … please leave a smily if I have succeeded?

How can we truly measure or tell when our politicians will be sincerely concerned about the welfare of their constituents?

How can we know when they hold our interests over and above their own …

The drops of water in all the oceans may be counted
But no one can count on a politician’s sincerity

Every single atom of this universe might be gauged
But no one can gauge when a pollie is sincere

Supposing we invented a device that could measure space
But still we could not measure a pollie’s sincerity

These are the signs that we might see before we have real proof of any politician’s sincerity!

When fine lilies grow in Niagara’s swift currents and crows become iridescent
Then our politicians will become sincere

When apples grow on a grape vine and on the fig tree mangos form
Then we might see a sincere politician

When from the horns of rabbits strong ladders can be well built
Then all our politicians will be sincerely concerned

Climbing this ladder should a mouse eat the moon
Then all politicians will be sincere

When religions practice loving one another instead of just preaching it
Then our politicians will become sincere

When meerkats and moonbeams become friendly and frolic together
Then our politicians will attempt to appear sincere

When free flying owls carry Mt Everest away
Then our politicians might be sincere!

With humble apologies to my favourite Sanskrit book! 15.4.17

Daily Prompt:  Measure


  1. LOL! It sounds as if politics there are very similar to politics here: politicians promise whatever it takes to get elected, and then once they win, they simply blame the other party for their failure to deliver. All we can do is laugh….

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    • oh very well said Hammad, great comparison! But me feels that their obsession with power will always make them shepherds, but we have a choice whether to be sheeple or not 🙂

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      • From what I see being done by politicians in my country, it is evident that the large number of people here are more likely to be treated as sheep, even knowing all about what they really are and what they really can do.
        But fear not as winds of change started to blew last year. Many so-called shepherds aren’t shepherds anymore and several more are desperately trying to save themselves.

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  2. Great poem Kate. Jean Chretien, who was Prime Minister here in Canada from 1993 to about 2003(he had been in federal politics for much longer than that) wrote in his autobiography and he was very candid about it said, ALL politicians from national or federal down to local politics, that once they get in and get a taste of power, they will do and say anything to keep it.

    Surprised that you get get the grammar correct using politician and sincere in the same sentence. lol

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  3. 🙂 :mrgreen: 🙂 :mrgreen: 🙂
    This is humorous, true, creative, telling, and timely, Kate!
    (So few politicians are sincerely sincere and that is sincerely sad.)
    Love the photo! That bird used their feets to create art! 🙂
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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  4. This is a cute poem. I’ve been thinking about equality and how rare it is. I’ve been thinking about our dreams and how we manifest with our stars, want to drink the kool aid. It’s what we want, like the face the politician being dumber than us. This type of civilization annoys me, but hey, it’s what most people want.

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    • doubt it’s what the want … guessing that it’s their norm and they haven’t the creative thought to want or imagine anything different … they are totally brainwashed into the consumer society that is destroying us …


  5. Poem is cute and I give you a smiley face. 😀 I’m not so down on politicians, however. I think many great men and women try. Power and compromise are hard to deal with. I’m just very thankful there are some good people who try to do it! Nope, I don’t have an uncle in the grand halls of Washington or anything like that. 😀

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    • You are right I think some may begin with good motivations but power along with opportunities for fame and fortune, party politics, etc overwhelm and soon they succumb or get out. The lifetime pension and perks afterwards can be strong motivation too.

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