Have you ever jumped out of the fry pan
just to land in the middle of a blazing fire?
Said or done something wrong and realised
it just as the words left your mouth
[or hit the ‘send’ button]

 Mistakes happen so healthiest to make
amends, apologise to those hurt rather than
wallow, worry and fry in our own stew
If we wait too long, hesitate or let it brew

It causes grief and can manifest as illness.
So resolve your issues as well as you can
then avoid that clumsy fry pan
as curbing our foibles is sincerely freeing!

Daily Prompt:  Fry – 20.4.17 – Lismore Street Art .. whose the artist Gary?


  1. Oh, first I managed to put my foot into my mouth and THEN I jumped into the fire…yeah boy! I’ve learned over the years…keeping one’s mouth shut is usually the best policy…and everybody thinks you’re smart. 🙂

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  2. Lol all the time…especially stumbling over all my students names as my classes change several times throughout the year and I have about 20 classes a week of around 20 students each class…or more. I like to to try to remember all there names, but my brain frequently falters and my kindergarten and 1st grade students are quick to try to help me. Lol 😁 😂

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  3. It’s good to forgive and live life with morals. Otherwise, we burn ourselves with our own hatred. I’ve wallowed in self-pity too much in this life. It’s taken good friends to call me out on it, harsh as it may have sounded at the time.

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  4. Love this! Perfect pairing of photo and your wise poem! 🙂
    Yes, treat people like we want to be treated. Life is best when people can forgive and move forward! 🙂 Sad today when people can dismiss someone after just one “strike”. 😦
    HUGS!!! 🙂
    PS…I can have some peppers and onions and squash, etc., in the frying pan?! 😉

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