Found paradise literally off the map. Drive along a rut through cane fields up past the derelict weatherboard home. Right then left, gate blocked by the tractor. Clamber around, past the shards of Nigel’s dreams.

Large hungry race horses demanding their feed constantly nudging hankering for a pat. Being me I need to know where they drink … “at the dam” discuss location and logistics of my tiny home.

Then “can I see the dam?”

We follow the well-worn track through wattle and eucalypt. Then unfolding in front of me is a small but deep dam covered in bright blue water lily with a large fig offering natural shelter.

Peace and beauty merge as one. This place has sacred energy.

Not difficult to imagine our traditional landowners swimming and laughing, living harmoniously as one! Told that up along the escarpment a large conservation area holds more beauty to be explored.

Nearly back at the gate I spot a steep bank, “What’s up there?” as without waiting for his answer I climb the elevation. Opening onto the largest flattest plateau. Bigger than playing field grounds and just as evenly flat. But made thousands of years ago before graders were even a gleam in their inventors eye. 

Across it I spot further enchantment the oldest paperbarks I’ve ever seen, standing stately along the edge. Doesn’t take much imagination to see large sacred corroboree happening here. All the tribes gathered to exhibit their dance and music, sharing their dreamtime stories and betrothing their eligible.

Nigel has splintered this sacred land with the debris of his dreams ….

my old photo of Uluru, another sacred site
… photo of this site to come once I’ve settled and had time to explore!