The word champion usually refers to
sport stars or those we deem winners
but this is a story of one dirty champion sinner!

My father’s elderly aunts were intelligent women
well-educated travellers who indulged
in rollies, a pouch of tobacco every two days

Packets of papers and Champion Ready Rub
as a child I was sent to the corner store
to purchase their disgusting drug of choice

They coughed, choked, heaved and spat
dropping tobacco into pots and sink
which totally grossed and cured me

Of ever trying to smoke
it’s a filthy habit, a waste of money,
a serious health hazard

It’s the strongest addiction
for people with such an affliction,
a real lifestyle contradiction

They suffered health complications
so this champion caused real grief
Please don’t let your health and wealth go up in smoke?

Daily Prompt:  Champion – 6.4.17
Here is research which found that one in ten deaths world wide are caused by smoking