Names are just a label
but sometimes they can be painful.
To others we can be cruel
children use nasty nicknames at school.

‘Freckles’ hurt deeply as a child
but hearing others, mine was mild!
Did name-calling make you wild?

Dyslexia means I often confuse names
if you look or behave like ‘Pete’
then ‘Paul’ is forgotten as in my mouth I put both feet

Why are we so fragile about the right name?
We grasp to our label, our title or fame
adds to our strong sense of self “me, I, mine”

How do you respond to the wrong name
get all fired up and ready to blame?
Or just let it go and get on with the game?

Try checking these strong reactions to tame
your emotions, its only ourselves we maim!
Getting worked up leaves us all feeling shame.

Are we our name, profession or fame?
They are merely parts of many roles we play
and we know they can change from day to day.
Let go and just be with the sway!

11.5.2006 –  Daily Prompt:  Label