Ok folk so they say newspapers are dying … I am here to tell you they are the lifeline of rural communities!

Wednesday after a year of diligently searching for a tiny park … 50 leaflets dropped in letterboxes, door knocking, community notice boards, farcebook, paid newspaper ad, word of mouth = zilch, nada, zero! Today following one interview published in our local rag and I have made fourteen new friends, glimpsed paradise, gasped at vast views from mountain tops, a mansion built over a very wide flowing river.

But kind open hearts and stability totally won me over … I have had some really challenging landlords over the years. But this lovely couple have invited me to squat rent-free on the front of their acreage. We have so much in common but the first spot they offered didn’t suit.

So today I went back for more discussion and walked their lot. Found the perfect north facing spot with lovely outlook! One young chap boards with them five years for a pittance. He, a marine engineer, built his sil’s home for $40,000 immediately valued at $95,000. So they have skills and contacts and really get me.

We still have the hurdle of council and neighbours approval … so have kept a few of my options open until that clears but should move mid-February [smile wont leave my face]

So thanks for all your care and support and believe me I have made some lifelong friends out of the very generous response to my appeal. Will thank that journo profusely and publicly once I’ve relocated.

ok so this is not the spot, just a shot of one of the many places I viewed …