It maybe prudent to read a post before you actually press ‘like’
Cause some have more cuss than content
others only include a link and nothing more
to the current daily prompt to increase their score!

Have also found many link their usual posts here
with content that has nothing to do with the topic
unable to rise to the challenge,
they are just out to increase their score!

Especially those who click ten or even more
In just one minute for visual effect?
Or just fishing, it really doesn’t impress!
So prolific clickers please be more prudent
as most bloggers prefer those with genuine interest!

Daily Prompt:  Prudent

this harks back to the ‘good old days’ when WP did daily prompt …
so reblogging for historical content and because my comment about likes stands … 4.4.17


  1. Excellent wordplay with such catchy rhythm!
    I’m with you about quality content – it’s far more worthwhile checking out high standard posts, THEN showing your appreciation with likes (although well-thought comments are arguably far more useful).
    Great read – thanks for sharing this! 😀

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  2. ha ha. I never like posts I don’t like. And sometimes don’t like those I do because it’s not ‘like’ as much as ‘relate’. Besides, who clicks on posts without reading them??? Or maybe they do, I dunno!

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  3. Yes, things like that happen.
    When you have a lot in your life and you haven’t got time for blogging… And came back after a long period you want to be back on track.
    You read and then you hit the like button, I dont consider it a crime.

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  4. We do! You’re right! So true!
    And now I will click “like” because I read your poem and I like-ed your poem! 😀

    That photo fascinates me! The two different colored walls, the graffiti and the shoes! Do you remember where you took it?! A very cool photo!

    Oh…I was just thinking… “like” might mean different things to people…
    and if the post is sad or bad news they might not click “like” because they don’t like that their friend is not doing well…
    but another person might feel bad as well, but they will click “like” hoping their friends will go read the post and give their other friend some encouragement. ??? And this makes no sense. ???

    Okay, I’ll quit thinkin’ now…I’m “high” on decongestants! HA! 😀 I’ve lost my voice (and don’t know where to find it!) but, my fingers are well and I can still type! Ha! 😉 😀
    HUGS!!! 🙂

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    • lol that shot is from the Lismore lanes .. they are cement shoes, guess I was thinking they might be a solution for prolific likers 🙂
      give your vocal chords a rest and let your fingers dance … more poems please?

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      • My fingers are dancin’ now!!! ;-D

        Oh, I have so so so many poems I’ve written “living” on my computer, but I still struggle to share most of them. In the next post I’ll put one up just for you!
        HUGS!!! 🙂

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          • Most importantly, I feel like my poetry is not good. I’ve never had a class on poetry or studied poetry. I’ve always just let it flow. So I know I’ve got a lot to learn.

            Also, I put so much of myself in my poems (especially the sad ones) that I feel very vulnerable when I share them. But, being vulnerable can be good, so I keep trying. 🙂

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            • I have never studied or taken classes … felt that strongly when we did that group poem coz I just don’t get aa bbc or five vowels this line and six the next! Being vulnerable makes you even more precious, we don’t bite … maybe I best have some lunch before I make that promise 🙂

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  5. I have on occasion discovered that I supposedly “Liked” a post before I even clicked “Like.” This has happened when a blogger publishes two or more posts in a short period of time. After reading the most recent post, I click “”Like” and proceed to the same blogger’s preceding post, only to find that I “Liked” it without having clicked “Like.”

    I can only conclude that, not only does the Lord work in mysterious ways, but so do the blogosphere gods.

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  6. I tend to click the like before reading for many of the people I follow but find, as you state, that sometimes I am wrong. It is possible to unlike, which I do if I don’t like the piece.

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    • I have no such problem, I either like a post and want to acknowledge it’s quality or I don’t like it as it’s not something that interests me. I’ve experienced the “follow” that comes first and then the 10 likes, I never return that approach to following.
      I also don’t understand why a visitor views something like 28 posts and doesn’t leave even one like. If I read three posts and I don’t enjoy them enough to ‘like’ them then I certainly wouldn’t view 25 more posts!

      My approach…Read me first, enjoy my posts, like, talk to me and then follow. That’s what I call true blogging! Much needed post Kate…well said!

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  7. I have to click before I read – quite often the little buttons don’t show up! so, I like it, read it, and if I change my mind, unlike it! Back to front, or is it upside down if I’m in the Southern Hemisphere?

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  8. That is as annoying as footprints were on Xanga. I am sorry if I ever spam you. You can delete me. I have thick skin and won’t be offended. I shouldn’t spam but my brain is trying to communicate with the links I share.

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  9. yes, the disadvantages of blogging – you never know if people are really reading or why they give you “like”, but I try not to think about it 😁

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  10. I’ve noticed that too, often among the first several that appear. Most of the rest of us have to actually think of a new post and write a bit, or at least search for something that reflects the theme in our folders of old poetry we haven’t posted yet.

    Very cute poem!

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