How we care for ourselves is a symptom of our self worth

How harmful we are is often a symptom of abuse

How content we are is a symptom of acceptance

How peaceful we are is a symptom of our effort

How caring we are is a symptom of opening our hearts

How patient we are is a symptom of our tolerance

How giving we are is a symptom of our generosity

Daily Prompts:  Acceptance and Symptom – 24.3.17

Today I visited five more places and am leaning towards preferred landlords even though the actual spot may be far removed from what I hoped.  They are kind hearted couples happy to share a corner of their property close to a quiet road.  So no great outlook or fabulous scenery … but stable kind people.


  1. Namaste Calm Kate 🙂

    Well now, you’ve left a lot to ponder over here in your mindful words…each line reads as might a meditation in its own right. I will have to linger longer with it.

    As for the properties being viewed…’tis the quality and stability of ones life that is important. I’ve moved many times in my life and would happily return to locations where I felt most content: they were not the most glamorous but the ones where I felt happiest of all thus far 🙂 At least if you rent you have options to move-on at some point should you choose to do so. You’ll know which one suits you best….just close your eyes and the one you’ll call home will call to you.

    Good luck! Take care. Keep smiling 😀

    Namaste 🙂


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  2. How we react to others is a symptom of our beliefs…

    I hope whatever space you end up taking is yours and ends up being the best for you in ways you couldn’t have dreamed of ((((hugs)))).

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  3. your interaction with people has given birth to these wise sayings, I am writing these down in my journal Kate – really words I want to ruminate over, it speaks deeply to me.

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  4. Continued success in finding a spot that gives you peace and permanence.

    Some things we can change and others we do not have that much a choice in accepting.
    Reaction to any stimuli or symptom can be personal and very objective.

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