Massive Effort

No fear is so massive
that we can’t confront it
with the support of those who care

No hardship is so massive
that we wont make it through
by persistence and learning our lesson

For if we fret and delay
we will never know
lost in limbo forever!

So lift your head high
and apply massive effort
for those who care will stand by!

Daily Prompt:  Massive – 17.3.17

ok so I found my dream property in my dream location today …
but there is a query over an unpaid mortgage and the owners planning to downsize in 3-4 years … may just take the risk … oh my!


  1. Wow! Great piece! Far more rewarding to take the plunge and bear the risks of something new rather than fretting about what MIGHT have been…otherwise you’ll miss your chance altogether! That was a lesson I took a while to be brave at, but now I appreciate it much more 🙂

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  2. “No fear is so massive
    that we can’t confront it
    with the support of those who care”

    This is so true..recent events in my life can prove what you said here to be so true..really with the suppport of the ones we love and care we can brave any storm anytime anywhere..

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  3. Such important truth that needs to be remembered and was written so beautifully! It definitely spoke to my heart! Thank you, Kate!
    Best wishes on the decision you need to make! Wishing THE best for you! 🙂 Keep us updated.
    PS…I have the sinus crud and I feel ugh-y. I am losing my voice. So the world will be a LOT quieter for a few days. Fortunately for you, my fingers are not broken so I can still “talk” on WP! HA! 😀

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