It’s good for the soul, the mind.
Makes us think then justify our view;
allows us to clarify and articulate anew
of how our values and ideals grew.

As benefiting others is my aim
challenge by poem inflicts less pain!
Gives you the choice to read or not,
then review any strong opinions you’ve got!

For some debate is too confronting,
we close into our narrow views.
This provides non-threatening space to examine clues
of why and how you came to choose

Any black or white responses;
your judgment, your stance,
as deep reflection can only enhance!
Your opinions, are they learnt or your own?

What energy flows from these seeds we’ve sown?
Check if yours came from elsewhere or are personally grown?
Reflect on how you react to topics raised?
Can you join in discussions or do your eyes glaze?

Try to be aware of how you got there …
of your justification, arguments and reasons,
of how these impact on loved ones around
Do they mirror or grate? Are they really sound?

Is your mind open to challenge;
or closed, agitated and bigoted?
Please listen to other points of view?
Best recipe to keep us balanced and amused?

27.5.2006 –  an ‘old’ poem with the exact name of the daily prompt!

I love nothing more than a good healthy debate
With a mature mind who can listen and respond to my points
Neither out to ‘convert’ the other to our view
Just enjoying differing opinions!

Daily Prompt:  Controversy


      • Really?
        I read all sorts of blogs. In fact I like it more when I read things that are different to what I write about.
        My brain needs a lot of good food to munch on. I can’t let it get bored, it’s the curse of the Air signs.

        Only so much poetry one can digest with ease lol.

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  1. A very thoughtful post Kate, and a good open debate is a great personal learning tool, if we’re prepared to listen and take it all in, you can make up your mind , and give an informed opinion after you learn what’s relevant for you….xx

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  2. Imagine how insightful and amazing we would be if we could learn to accept (but knowing we don’t have to agree) all points of view without; as you so rightly say, that need to ‘convert’

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    • yes I have some friends that flourish on a good debate, we don’t ever have to agree but we are all allowed to express our different opinions, be heard and then negotiate a compromise … do wish more were able to do this!

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  3. a good debate can teach us so much about other cultures. a very diplomatic poem Kate – i like the origin of thought, like are we conditioned by our upbringing or things we are exposed to later in life

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  4. Oh, this is excellent, Kate! And so timely!
    Life is so much nicer when we chose to live it with an open mind, an open heart, open ears, and open hands. We can learn a lot and we can teach a lot…and everyone grows. It is sad that respect and sharing ideas and debating wisely, etc., seems to have gone out the window. 😦
    HUGS!!! 🙂
    PS…Love the cacti and succulents! Beautiful!!!

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  5. Very wise words. I don’t know about what I think. I usually think I’m inferior and shouldn’t make bold choices. But things affect me, and I wish to peacefully protest while everyone else gets a good laugh.


  6. Nothing beats a healthy conversation that helps us become better judges of life and humanity….i used to hate (hate is a strong word, dislike maybe)..confrontations or arguments or debates (though i’d win debates back in college) but a recent event in my life has made me realized that we need to argue and fight out if that means defending our selves and the honor we have established..

    P.S. your poem triggered much more needed rants..(in a good way)

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  7. Early on in my experience I had to stand on my own about what I believed. I was so used to being different that I didn’t know how to talk through things and come to a place of agreement. However, as I am learning how to disagree, discuss, and communicate clearly, I am learning that we people actually agree more often than we think we do.

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  8. this is a wonderful social post and there is a right and wrong way to debate – and I only like a good debate sometimes – but they can be great!!

    and I liked this line a lot:

    Any black or white responses;
    Your judgment, your stance,
    as deep reflection can only enhance!
    Your opinions, are they learnt or your own?

    but throughout this piece I sense a lot of seasoned wisdom from you – very cool post

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