It’s good for the soul, the mind.
Makes us think then justify our view;
allows us to clarify and articulate anew
of how our values and ideals grew.

As benefiting others is my aim
challenge by poem inflicts less pain!
Gives you the choice to read or not,
then review any strong opinions you’ve got!

For some debate is too confronting,
we close into our narrow views.
This provides non-threatening space to examine clues
of why and how you came to choose

Any black or white responses;
your judgment, your stance,
as deep reflection can only enhance!
Your opinions, are they learnt or your own?

What energy flows from these seeds we’ve sown?
Check if yours came from elsewhere or are personally grown?
Reflect on how you react to topics raised?
Can you join in discussions or do your eyes glaze?

Try to be aware of how you got there …
of your justification, arguments and reasons,
of how these impact on loved ones around
Do they mirror or grate? Are they really sound?

Is your mind open to challenge;
or closed, agitated and bigoted?
Please listen to other points of view?
Best recipe to keep us balanced and amused?

27.5.2006 –  an ‘old’ poem with the exact name of the daily prompt!

I love nothing more than a good healthy debate
With a mature mind who can listen and respond to my points
Neither out to ‘convert’ the other to our view
Just enjoying differing opinions!

Daily Prompt:  Controversy