As we meandered under the arches, leafy green and cool.

This wondrous oasis near the harbour was a find not many knew


While contentedly wandering with my true love the idea came

I could build a colonnade just like these gracious trunks


A monument to true love, a place for quiet reflection

Such a radical new design came instantly to my mind


Tall grand beauty holding a huge ornate dome roof

A special place for worship for the community to gather


Tile then decorate with large brass hanging lanterns

An outstanding majestic temple for rituals to celebrate our lives!

Thanks muchly for all your concern about my current predicament …. the newspaper interview is published and I finally have a plan B.  Sounds lovely but the property is very remote, probably 45 minute drive from nearest grocery store … so lets hope I get something closer … you will know when I know!

Carrot Ranch Challenge, January 17, 2019, prompt: In 99 words (no more, no less) write a story that includes colonnades. It can be natural, architectural, or a metaphor. Take a stroll and go where the prompt leads.