When reputation means more than anything

so busy impressing for fame and fortune

the ordinary overlooked

this is how harm occurs …


So busy big noting ones self

twisting everything to elevate your status

trampling wilfully over others

to further personal gain


It is totally insane!

As master of manipulation

feel in control of the game

Disregard is so so lame …


For all deeds done

will surely come

back to bite

when least expected


Reputation can be a shifty blanket

cloaking mischief and misdeeds

but those with insight

step back aware of the blight


They wont oppose or fight

just withdraw their might

once they see the light,

shame on you ….


  1. From my own personal experience, people will head down trails and roads they never would have even dreamt of or imagined in order to protect a “well-crafted reputation.” Even the extent of hurting the lives of others. For many “reputation” is just a cloak they wear that hides the true person they are behind doors where no one can see them.

    Funny thing is, most people they know can see through the veil of the “reputation.” If people with so-called “reputations” could only know what others truly say about them when they aren’t around.

    Thanks for letting me vent!!

    Great post by the way.

    Liked by 1 person

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