Harry had such amazing fun
playing with snitch and ton
flying about close to the sun
tried hard and often won

The thought to play arose
events would keep us on our toes
no time to dream or dose
always watching for blows or foes

Harry was kept on the run
opposition trying to stun
balls zooming by like shots from a gun
after each game he was done

Seen how fast it all flows
constantly dodging harsh blows
scarce time to blow ones nose
catching that snitch is the close

Reflects life and our woes
seldom stopping to smell a rose
constantly watching how it all goes
trying to avoid our own lows

Rules of each game impose
next event one never knows
each action karmically sews
weeds and seeds that need no hose

Life and quiditch are equally unreal
tossed about by how we feel
avoiding that with which we should deal
distractions will only steal!

19.2.07 – And here’s another about Harry conquered his Tormentors!