Gubbas [white fellas] call it Australia Day
Big celebration of the Brits settling their convicts here
Public holiday, festivities, fireworks and too much beer
No thought of the original landowners and their way

We Murries [black fellas] call it Invasion Day
They hunted us down and shot us for no reason
Just like it was open black fella season!
Poison in our flour, whole families wiped out

They mated with our women some kindly
But mostly by force, gave us STD’s and half breeds
Then govt. and church stole that generation
Rounded up the kids from our reservations

Trained to be servants to the Gubbas
Cooks, housekeepers, stockmen and bed mates
But didn’t pay us thus sealing our fates!
Disenchanted, addicted, our culture afflicted!

Racism is rife, our people in deep strife
4% of the population, 25% prison inmates
Not to mention psych units and foster care
For any Murri to succeed is remotely rare

How to regain our dignity when it’s so unfair?

January 26th is a national celebration of white settlement / invasion of this land.
Many feel is should be a celebration of our diversity on a different date!

Here’s one of our heroes spreading the word!
Uncle Herb kindly read this and said “it needs to be said!”.

With a link to how it will be celebrated this week!

with a 2018 massive protests as there should be!